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Metaphysic Dreams Collection tonight at 00:00 <3
Happy new yeaaaar to everyone! <3
Let's start this 2014 with a sneak peek of the new project I'm working on: tonight you'll see the first piece =)
Hey friends =) how are you? How are going your holidays?
I hope you had a nice Christmas~
mine was bad, my mom was sick all day.

I'm still so full of ideas and inspirations I can't decide what project start first XD but one is already under-construction: it will deal with unconsciousness, dreams, surrealism, metaphysics~
So... get ready! I'll probably finish it in one week =)
Hey friedns!
I'm glad to notice you that I'm working on a new collection~ I'm very inspired in this period!
What will be the theme? Can't tell you... but I'll give you a hint: enter a forest, close your eyes, listen to every sound~ plus, I'm going to deal with a fashion-social problem.
Hi friends! <3
Finally, the second part of the Web in Vogue project is finished! Tonight at 00:00 as usual I'm going to upload
the all-in-one artwork, with every piece.
I think I'm not going to do other website dresses anymore... or maybe if I'll do it will be sporadically. I want to do new stuffs, I'm going to the new fashion design institute ( check it if you want to study fashion design, they have seats also outside Italy!) so my sense of fashion should evolve, and I should come out with something else ingenious.
Also, from now on I'll try to answer to your questions/comments, because I don't want to seem posh just because of the language barrier.. or of my laziness XD
Halloween fashion designs are coming, get ready and stay tuned tonight at 00:00, the wicked hour <3
Hello friends~
I started a new fashion design school, sorry for this little absence. But I'm working very much, and I'm improving in drawing! I like the new school.
I'm preparing a new little collection for you. How many of you love gloomy stuffs? I find them so inspiring <3 naked trees, puppets, clowns, old carillons, broken dolls, the mist, pumpkins, evil eyes and curses, scarecrows, spooky houses. In wich someone killed itself.…
Hi friends, watchers, fans and passengers <3

I took part to a contest by Oysho! Pleeeease could you vote me here?…
-you need to 'like' the page of oysho and then the vote is official-

thank you very much! =D
Are you ready for the Autumn Couture collection? <3 one hour and you'll see it!
What will be my next dress? Can you guess? :)…

New project

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 5, 2013, 4:18 PM

Hi friends! <3
I'm glad to let you know that I'm working on a new project: the Bee hierarchy project!
Have you checked my last design Queen Bee?…
I'm going to make a fashion design for every member in the bee hierarchy: there will be the worker bee, the drone, and the princess bee =)
I hope you like this idea!

Sigh _ these are the last days with premium membership!

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Journal Entry: Mon May 27, 2013, 3:28 PM

Hey =) we're making a vogueing project at school, and this is the official page of my group! Take a look if you're curious~…

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Little Revelation

Journal Entry: Sat May 11, 2013, 4:45 PM

Just to let you know what I'm working on in these days :P

It's almost finished! It i will be uploaded here this Monday at 23:59 as usual =)

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Working Hard

Journal Entry: Wed May 8, 2013, 5:15 AM

I want you to know that I'm working on a Princess illustration book project with other artists~ I'm very inspired with the princess I chose to represent. Every artist had to choose one princess-theme. I bet every steampunk fans will be sooo happy!
I think I will finish the illustration in 3 days.. I'm working on every detail.

(p.s.: new skin! *_*)

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Hey! Tonight you will have a big, big surprise! Some of you have been waiting for this. I hope you will be happy about what you will see. I want to finish something I have started.
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Just few minutes :3
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Check out my very first creation made in real!…
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Hi guys, friends and fans!
Sorry for this bad period of absence. I can't tell you how I missed designing new stuffs and get some new inspirations!
It was my accademy's fault... It's not as I expected. Too much of useless and non-inherent work.. I was so frustrated in these three last months. There are many problems, new city, no friends (but two or three)... But now I try to see the situation from a different point of view.

Stay tuned in these days, I will post a picture of my very first official made-in-real work! What will it be? A skirt? A dress? A jacket? You'll know through this week!
Bye~ =)
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Hi friends!
Sorry, it's been a very long time since I wrote something... And I'm not as productive as some months ago, but many things have changed: I left my city -Genoa- and went to Milan, to study fashion design at NABA ( ).. I'm very busy and I don't have my scanner here with me anymore _ and it seems like working directly in digital doesn't get me the right inspiration. Or, if I got one, I can't design something I like.
Maybe, just to update the gallery, I could upload some school-works :3 we have 10 different subjects x_x! in fashion illustration and tailoring we're studying skirts. (no, wait, in fashion illustration we already studied skirts and dresses, now it's time for bustiers&corsets XD)
Or, I could draw a remake of a dress I already designed. Though I hate being repetitive..
I need time! More time to spend in my own designs.
Or maybe I'm just being too much lazy... I don't know D: It's an artistically-bad-period.
I think that's all I had to say.. however, I'm not dead!

Oh, and a big thank you to everyone who whished happy birthday do me! =) so sweet, thank you <3
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Hi friends.
Some days ago some of you found out two girls that made the Facebook dress and Twitter dress in real. Here is the link to their page:…
On my deviantART profile, under my deviantID, there is a caption: probably just 5% of my visitors have read it, but you can see some rules, and one of these rules says:

"«Can I sew your dresses in real?»
I'm sorry, but I can't let anyone make my dresses. I want to make them one day, so because of creative and security reasons I can't let you do this."

My works have been posted around the web, so these girls probably didn't even know about me, probably they saw two cute dresses and decided to make a cosplay, in real.
It turned out very well! Yeah, they're beautiful. But they broke the rules, the LAW. I have never gave the permission to do this, they never asked for it and, if it wasn't for you guys, who tell them who was the designer of the dresses, they would never put my name in the photos description. They don't even put a link to my page. Plus, as far as I know, they could have walked around at a cosplay convention telling nothing about me, as far as I know they could have said "yes, we had that idea! we designed these dresses all by ourselves!". And gain fame and maybe something else.


Is it clear? Finally?
And a big thank you to everyone who reported this problem. Really, thank you >_<
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