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Finally got the new inspiration for the next collection <3
Get ready for tonight, I made some designs that will take you to the Moulin Rouge <3…
Metaphysic Dreams Collection tonight at 00:00 <3
Happy new yeaaaar to everyone! <3
Let's start this 2014 with a sneak peek of the new project I'm working on: tonight you'll see the first piece =)
Hey friends =) how are you? How are going your holidays?
I hope you had a nice Christmas~
mine was bad, my mom was sick all day.

I'm still so full of ideas and inspirations I can't decide what project start first XD but one is already under-construction: it will deal with unconsciousness, dreams, surrealism, metaphysics~
So... get ready! I'll probably finish it in one week =)
Hey friedns!
I'm glad to notice you that I'm working on a new collection~ I'm very inspired in this period!
What will be the theme? Can't tell you... but I'll give you a hint: enter a forest, close your eyes, listen to every sound~ plus, I'm going to deal with a fashion-social problem.
Hi friends! <3
Finally, the second part of the Web in Vogue project is finished! Tonight at 00:00 as usual I'm going to upload
the all-in-one artwork, with every piece.
I think I'm not going to do other website dresses anymore... or maybe if I'll do it will be sporadically. I want to do new stuffs, I'm going to the new fashion design institute ( check it if you want to study fashion design, they have seats also outside Italy!) so my sense of fashion should evolve, and I should come out with something else ingenious.
Also, from now on I'll try to answer to your questions/comments, because I don't want to seem posh just because of the language barrier.. or of my laziness XD
Halloween fashion designs are coming, get ready and stay tuned tonight at 00:00, the wicked hour <3
Hello friends~
I started a new fashion design school, sorry for this little absence. But I'm working very much, and I'm improving in drawing! I like the new school.
I'm preparing a new little collection for you. How many of you love gloomy stuffs? I find them so inspiring <3 naked trees, puppets, clowns, old carillons, broken dolls, the mist, pumpkins, evil eyes and curses, scarecrows, spooky houses. In wich someone killed itself.…
Hi friends, watchers, fans and passengers <3

I took part to a contest by Oysho! Pleeeease could you vote me here?…
-you need to 'like' the page of oysho and then the vote is official-

thank you very much! =D
Are you ready for the Autumn Couture collection? <3 one hour and you'll see it!
What will be my next dress? Can you guess? :)…

New project

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 5, 2013, 4:18 PM

Hi friends! <3
I'm glad to let you know that I'm working on a new project: the Bee hierarchy project!
Have you checked my last design Queen Bee?…
I'm going to make a fashion design for every member in the bee hierarchy: there will be the worker bee, the drone, and the princess bee =)
I hope you like this idea!

Sigh _ these are the last days with premium membership!

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Journal Entry: Mon May 27, 2013, 3:28 PM

Hey =) we're making a vogueing project at school, and this is the official page of my group! Take a look if you're curious~…

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Little Revelation

Journal Entry: Sat May 11, 2013, 4:45 PM

Just to let you know what I'm working on in these days :P

It's almost finished! It i will be uploaded here this Monday at 23:59 as usual =)

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Working Hard

Journal Entry: Wed May 8, 2013, 5:15 AM

I want you to know that I'm working on a Princess illustration book project with other artists~ I'm very inspired with the princess I chose to represent. Every artist had to choose one princess-theme. I bet every steampunk fans will be sooo happy!
I think I will finish the illustration in 3 days.. I'm working on every detail.

(p.s.: new skin! *_*)

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Hey! Tonight you will have a big, big surprise! Some of you have been waiting for this. I hope you will be happy about what you will see. I want to finish something I have started.
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Just few minutes :3
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Check out my very first creation made in real!…
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Hi guys, friends and fans!
Sorry for this bad period of absence. I can't tell you how I missed designing new stuffs and get some new inspirations!
It was my accademy's fault... It's not as I expected. Too much of useless and non-inherent work.. I was so frustrated in these three last months. There are many problems, new city, no friends (but two or three)... But now I try to see the situation from a different point of view.

Stay tuned in these days, I will post a picture of my very first official made-in-real work! What will it be? A skirt? A dress? A jacket? You'll know through this week!
Bye~ =)
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