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Promotional project video shoot during Summer 2015
A prince with no crown, running away from everything he knows, from his kingdom and his safe place, to change his life. Golden thrones and crystal chandeliers are not enough, he wants to see what's really beyond the woods and the mountains. Maybe he will conquer the greatest kingdom ever, Freedom.

Behind the scenes:…

Shooting and editing video by Wendyland.
- Wendyland on YouTube:…
- Wendyland Channel…
- Wendyland Creations
- Web Site:
Hi friends~
I wanted to let you know that now you can buy many cute goods with my illustrations on Redbubble! Take a look ^o^!…

Plus, if you are following my Chess War lolita collection, you can watch this sneak peek video of the King and the Queen designs!…
Hello to everybody!
It's a long time since I don't update my deviantArt... but I see there are so many less people online here, less comments, less deviations, less faves etc... It's so sad =( I loved so much this community. Why is everybody leaving..?!

However, I'm coming back to draw Lolita designs again <3
And I wanted you to know that I've just (finaly) created the facebook page of my own Lolita fashion brand!
Come see the designs and, if you want, click "like" on the page =) I would really appreciate it!…
Hi dear friends and supporters! I've just created my Patreon profile, so, if you know what it is, I really hope you can support me here!

Oh, and there is some more: HERE you can find every technical detail of my final school exam collection, Porcelain Era!
Hi friends!
I've worked so hard to make the collection for my final exam in time! I will do the exam this June 25th. And then my course will be completed! And then what will happen? Will I find a job? A partnership/stage? Or will I just find myself behind a cash desk at Mc Donald's? I hope to find something to do. I really want to leave Italy for Tokyo or Paris, but I need money. And I will not make money if I don't find a job. And I can't find a proper job if I stay in Italy. And it all repeats in a vicious circle.

I finally have a official website! Come see it! You will find all of my works, all my projects, and other stuffs!
Today it all begins, I created the facebook page and tumblr blog of the manga I'm working at: Iridescent Heart!
It's still under construction but you can read part of the plot and see an official artwork, so be patient and in the next days you'll find out more about it and see new stuffs~

Facebook page:…
Tumblr blog: nijinokokoro-iridescentheart.t…
Hi dear friends, it's a long time I don't update you about my life&other stuffs. It's been a troubled period, and I tried to quit from everything. I only kept on making the artworks for school, and had no time nor the right feels for other projects or collections (though I have the ideas for it, but it's like lazyness have taken the control of my body)...
In these days I had the stenght to re-organize the works and ideas for an old project, a manga that was originally born on the tables of highschool 7 years ago, with my best friend. I never really published it, and I want it to take life now, let people know about it and begin the -very hard- journey of seriously make a manga, little steps by little steps. No matter how long it will take, I want to do it! So I hope you will support me as you have always done.
Stay tuned, tomorrow you will see <3
I've been thinking about that for long time, and finally I decided to open commissions again! Please, read every part of the post.

I can do anything about fashion designs! This includes:
- womenswear
- menswear
- accessories
For you, or for original characters of your stories/comics.

Send me a private message writing 'COMMISSION' as object, or to my e-mail , always writing 'COMMISSION' as object. Or comment down here.
There are 4 main kind of commissions you can ask:

• on the model, whole outfit (only front) with shades, PRêT-à-PORTER category (very simple outfits, something "already seen")
40s Reinvention by Neko-Vi
COST: 32€

• on the model, whole outfit (only front) with shades, HAUTE COUTURE category (lolita fashion or very elaborated outfits, with rich details, artistic and unique)
Jupiter by Neko-Vi
COST: 42€

• technical details on the dummy with front/back, flat colours
Swan Lake Loli Collection: TECHNICAL DETAILS by Neko-Vi
COST: 22€ for prêt-à-porter category, 32€ for haute couture category

• one accessory design
Sweet Loli Bag by Neko-Vi
COST: 20€

★ on the model with whole outfit (only front) with shades, PRêT-à-PORTER category + technical details front/back
★ on the model with whole outfit (only front) with shades, HAUTE COUTURE category + technical details front/back

I accept online/paypal payements.
I do not accept deviantArt points or work exchanges.
The price will not change, and it represents the time spent on it (usually more than a whole day), the effort, the care, and the inventiveness.
First I will make a sketch of the design, then I will send it to you. If it's ok, you will send the payement, and then I will start to work on the official design. If the sketch is not ok, I will make it one more time, changing with your requests.

Commissions will ALLOW you to:
- make and sew the design you requested (permission usually forbidden for the other normal designs)
- upload the design (that I will send to you in private), on your own DeviantART gallery, or into other social networks
- have the 200 dpi file of the work

Will NOT allow you to:
- use the design for commercial uses (sell the clothes, sell the design, use the design into a manga/comics that will be printed and sold, mass-produce the clothes)
I wanted to share with you the video of the last Harajuku Fashion Show at Lucca Comics&Games 2014!
I'm at 2:35 =)
I made the video and the program I used put the silly watermark in the middle of everything.. sigh. It's been very hard improvise myself as video-maker and dj XD
If you view it on YouTube the quality is better..! And you can find some photo shoots here:…

I wanted to thank you all for your birthday greetings! You really cheered me up, I'm so happy to have many followers that are so nice ^^ I spent the birthday playing at Alpha Sapphire, waaaaahh that game is so cool! I love some new megas like Gallade, Audino, Steelix and Beedrill *A* and the primal forms of Kyogre and Groudon.. amazing. And the pokèblocks AAAAAHH SO MANY MEMORIES

I'm finishing the Solar System collection, sorry if it's going slowly but Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are ready, so it's only missing Pluto and then you will see them all in the next deviation~ I made also the Earth! The Sun will not be into the collection because it's only about the planets and the main sailor senshi >w<'

As last thing, the usual ask-game: feel free to make one question as comment below for the next 24 h and I will reply to everyone, I think this is always something funny/interesting :D
Already working on the next collection: Solar System <3 every planet, and it will be a little bit influenced by the Sailor Senshi~ they will be the models!
Hi friends!
I haven't been very active in this month, but...
you would never believe, I've been in TOKYO!!
I actually planned that journey some months ago, and then one of my biggest dream has come true.. It's been amazing, I stayed only for 8 days but it was worth it. I am so happy! I visited all the places I've always wanted to see like Harajuku, Shibuya, Odaiba, Shinjuku, and other places like Ikebukuro, Nakano, Akihabara, Ginza, Ueno, Asakusa, I visited the Ghibli museum, went on the top of the Tokyo Tower, SkyTree, Tokyo Metropolitain Government and the ferris wheel Daikanransha in Odaiba! Japanese people are really very kind, and everything is beautiful and super cute, the subway, the shops, the signboards, waaaah beautiful!

I took many pictures of this journey, and you can see my reportage on facebook!

Day 1 - 2 and 3: Dubai - Tokyo: Ueno and Akihabara (the last pictures are from day 9)…
Day 4: Harajuku and Shibuya…
Day 5: Ikebukuro, Nakano and Shinjuku…
Day 6: Ginza, Daimon-dori and Tokyo Tower (the last pictures are from day 9)…
Day 7: Ghibli Museum and Tokyo SkyTree:…
Day 8: Asakusa and Odaiba:…
Day 9: Akihabara and Tokyo Tower again
Day 10: return trip

Plus, I'm working on my next fashion project, and tonight at 00:00 you will know what it's about~
Hey guys~!
The Atlantis collection is finally ready. It is called ''The Core of Atlantis'' and it will be uploaded tonight at 00:00 =) I hope you'll like it!
Hi friends!
Sorry, you all was probably thinking I was dead.. ahah, it's strange but it's even more difficult to do things in summer holidays. I'm looking for a new flat in Milan, so I'm spending these days between Genova and Milan (great...), and I had some other stuffs like medical visits.. and another depressive period. But now I'm excited because...

Waaaa I can't wait >w< one of my biggest dreams is coming true çwç

And now... I need you to choose the next design from the Atlantis collection! Tell me wich one you prefer to be uploaded, these dresses will represent the water <3
click here:…

Ah, I'm also soooo excited for the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime! Whoaa I love it!! Have you seen it? Do you like it?
Hey, yesterday I've been in Venice! (for the third or fourth time, ahah)
I adore that place, it's so beautiful and special <3
Here you can find some pictures I took!…
Hey! I want to share a preview of the first works of my new collection, about fire/water/Atlantis.…

Now you have to tell me which one you prefer to be uploaded as single deviation! These 3 dresses are in the magma/fire part of the collection. Then there will be other 3 that will blend fire and water together, and then the last 3, with the water part.
(see the moodboard here:… )
Hi! Check out the moodboard of my probably next new collection =D Do you like this idea?……
Hey friends~
how are you? I have some things I'd like to tell =) first, as you can see, the Swan Lake Loli Collection is finished! My teacher said I should send few designs to some lolita fashion brands, I was thinking of Baby stars shine bright, or Innocent World, or... don't know, if you have some advice to tell me, is well appreciated!
I really don't know why I keep on waiting. lol, this really reminds me of the video of Gwen Stefani XD
I could send some works to some fashion maisons, and try to start working. I would love to work for Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons or some lolita brands, because this would 'allow' me to go in Japan, and one of my biggest dreams would be realized!
Don't know if I'm just lazy or if I have actually the fear of rejections. but.. I can't keep on designing only for myself.

Changing topic~ I opened an profile! ahah, this is what happen when you procastinate XD
There are so many comics events in this period here in Italy! and Harajuku fashion walks as well~ do you know what they are? we organize with many fans of harajuku street styles a big parade around the center of the city, for now there are official Harajuku fashion walks in Milan, Genoa, Turin, Pescara, Venice, Palermo and Naples~ I'm planning, with some other friends, the HFW of Milan and Genoa, here you can find our official
 facebook page so you can also see the photos! =)

And also, we are planning some Harajuku fashion shows at some big comics here in Italy! So if you're Italian and you would like to partecipate as a model, showing your harajuku outfit, leave a comment here or send a message to the fb page of HFW Milan =)

Here you can find the video to the last harajuku fashion show!…
New Swan Lake Loli dresses in 4 hours, see ya tonight at 00:00~
Hey friends~
Let's play a game = D for today March 28th you can ask me anything! And I will reply! (I swear XD)
You can make only one question, writing here in the comments, and... you should check the Frequently Asked Questions before, you can find them here on the homepage : P
come on, let's go! don't be shy~

p.s. Have you seen the first piece of the new Lolita Collection? =D…

p.p.s. check out also these Kodona short pants I sewn!…